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Colby Covington demands immediate rematch with UFC champ Kamaru Usman, says ‘fixed’ and ‘corrupt’ fight cost him title

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Colby Covington终于在失去了他的沉默UFC 245,and he’s got a lot to say about his fight againstKamaru Usman

The former interim champion suffered a TKO in the closing moments of the main event from Las Vegas. But Covington feels like the cards were stacked against him after a pair of fouls in the second and third round stopped his momentum, and then referee Marc Goddard called an early stoppage to the fight.

“我去那里,击败了'Marty Fakenewsman'24分钟,直到裁判不得不停止战斗停止战斗 - 牛市停车,” Covington周一告诉MMA Fighting。爱游戏app下载的游戏不能玩“ [停工]我完全连贯并且仍在战斗中,他也只是在犯规之后公然停止了战斗。他四次击中我的头部,他公然打电话给战斗,因为他知道他不希望它去找法官的记分卡,因为我可以赢得胜利。

“那天晚上我正在与两个人作战。反对“马克不是那么古德”和“马蒂·福克斯曼”。我出去在那里打了我的屁股。我参加了冠军赛,人们看到了我的艰难,他们知道谁是世界上最好的次中量级,那就是Colby“ Chaos” Covington。”


“In the second round, that’s a huge momentum shift when I kick him in the liver and ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ says ‘oh it’s a nut shot,’ and he looks for Marc Goddard because he’s literally about to fold up because his organs are shutting down on him, and he wants to quit the fight,” Covington said. “‘Oh Marc Goddard save me, nut shot, nut shot!’ Give him a couple minutes to recover. That’s a huge momentum shift.



卡温顿说:“我将他踢在头部的右侧,并踢高踢,摇动他。”“He’s sliding on the Octagon with his feet and I go to chamber another kick and I barely maybe grazed my pinky across his eye — ‘Oh, eye poke!’ — but he doesn’t even sell the eye that I poked, the left eye. He sells the right eye! That’s how bad of an actor ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ is.

“When the doctor comes in, (he said), “Oh, my right eye,” (and) he’s blinking. Dude, go look at the video. I supposedly put the pinky in his left eye, but he’s selling for the right eye. Why’s he doing that? Here’s another life raft that Marc ‘Not So’ Goddard gives him and lets him get another break.”

In between the third and fourth rounds, Covington went to his corner and told his coaches that he may have suffered a broken jaw.

While he now claims that reports about a broken jaw were nothing more than “fake news,” Covington didn’t like that the UFC captured that audio and put it on the broadcast, which he feels reinvigorated Usman for the championship rounds.

“Is that legal that they can get my corner audio in between rounds? Whether my jaw is broken or it isn’t broken, to get that information in a world championship fight when there’s two rounds left to go. That’s huge information,” Covington said.


结束的最后一根稻草了fight, when Covington got dropped by a combination of punches from Usman and Goddard rushed into stop the contest.

“Yeah, I slip on a banana peel, he clipped me; I’m completely still in the fight,” Covington said. “I fought in a double leg [takedown]. I’m a wrestler. I grew up shooting double legs and getting guys in a sprawl position. I can relax there, I can breathe, I’m chilling. I feel comfortable there. That’s where I grew up in the wrestling mats, doing double-leg takedowns. He sprawled out – oh, (and) he’s hitting me in the back of the head, it’s clear as day on the f*cking video. Go rewatch the tape. It’s clear as day. He’s hitting me in the back of the head at least three or four times.

“当他撞到我的头后部时,我什至掩盖并把手放在它的后面,以停止它,而我完全连贯,完全仍在战斗中,突然之间,马克·戈达德(Marc Goddard)刚刚称呼这场战斗。我就像你是认真的吗?I stood up and I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’ [He says], ‘Oh Colby don’t worry about it,’ saying stupid things (like) ‘that was clearly stopped.’ If it’s clearly stopped, why am I right in your face talking to you clearly? I’m coherent. I’m completely in the fight. How do you call the fight? You rob me of a f*cking fair fight, motherf*cker.”

In his mind, Covington feels like Goddard was working against him as much as Usman, which is why he’s now demanding an automatic rematch with the welterweight title up for grabs again.

卡温顿说:“ 12月14日在UFC 245的f*cking之夜是两个。”“这不是一对一。我被抢走了一对一的公平斗争。That motherf*cker made a clear difference in that fight, and if ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ didn’t have that f*cking ref, I’d be world champion right now, and I’m going to get my f*cking rematch and it’s going to be a different story.


而UFC总裁达娜·怀特has stated that Usman’s next opponent will be豪尔赫·马斯维达尔(Jorge Masvidal)in a matchup暂时预定国际战斗周in July, Covington is standing firm that he wants his rematch sooner rather than later.

卡温顿说:“我的下一次战斗应该是与'Marty Fakenewsman'的自动重赛。”“我仍然是美国的冠军。我仍然是唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)最喜欢的战斗机。我仍然是人民冠军。人们比以往任何时候都想要这个。人们看到了他们的眼睛。我不在乎促销想要做什么,因为我们知道他们做了一些愚蠢的事情。这本身就是另一个故事。我在说人们想要什么。为票付钱的人。 The people that buy your pay-per-views. The people want this rematch.

“他们用自己的眼睛看到了这场战斗中发生的一切。在那场战斗中发生的事情是我从“马蒂·福克斯曼(Marty Fakenewsman)”中击败了24分钟,然后裁判完全拯救了他,并用假的停工救出了他。”

Covington says he’ll be ready to fight by July, or even earlier if the UFC wants to book the rematch. But he makes it clear he’s only coming back for Usman – and nothing else.


“我不是要与任何人作战,而是'Marty Fakenewsman。’这需要在拉斯维加斯定居。他们知道自己陷入了困境。”